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Homemation cochin was setup to help smart people to make their life a bit easy and relaxing with the help of innovation in technology. In Order to smoothen the life with an extra bit of technology, intelligent home are designed for intelligent people and it is so simple to use that we can teach a 3 year old on to use it with in few minutes. BPL IQ, which is a branch of BPL home automation helps us to automate every part of the home in order to match different kind of life styles. BPL IQ covers full range of home automation including, home security, Lighting controls, AV controls, etc. It comes with an elegant app( available in android and ios) and you can set any scene( multiple actions together) and use it for your convenience. You can eliminate all the remotes and use your phone as a remote control for almost everything in your home in kerala.


BPL IQ villas


BPL IQ is India’s first indigenous wireless home automation manufacturer which helps you to have a stress free lifestyle. We are the only brand in India which provide full range of home automation. BPL IQ helps us to automate and integrate almost all devices at home and helps to control multiple devices with press of a single app button. Now we provide support in calicut/kozhikode, kannur, malappuram and other sides of Malabar.In travancore we are now available in thiruvanandapuram, kollam & pathanamthitta


BPL IQ Apartment


BPL IQ home automation is India’s first indigenously developed wireless intelligent home automation solution which helps you live a luxury lifestyle. BPL IQ home automation is an intelligent platforms which links all electrical devices together and helps us manage all electronic, electrical and home devices from the a single app.Homemation Cochin provides consulting for apartments, Feel free to contact us for a free quotation across kerala.


BPL IQ business


You can be carefree about setting up office conference room with the help of BPL IQ home automation. You dont have to mess with lighting switches or air conditioners remote or battle with projector or various other remotes in the conference room. Now you can control your business environment with great ease with the help of India’s indigenously developed intelligent BPL IQ business automation solution.


BPL IQ Developers


This is an ultimate solution which can add an extra edge to your projects. We will help you create smart and connected township which are ready for tomorrow’s Internet of things world. Imagine how it will be if all your projects are interconnected in which you have an option to provide subscription based services such as doctor on call, e routing, concierge etc.



Mantri Developers


Even though there are a lot of home automation companies, BPL has stood out the fact that they understand the Indian customers and taking extra effort to solve the Indian needs and to make life more comfortable and convenient. As they are manufacturing the products here, they are always improving the the quality of the products


RMZ Developers


The BPL IQ team has a thorough understanding of our business requirements. We are not only pleased with the quality fo BPL IQ automation solutions, but also about the extensive collaboration given to us by the BPL IQ experts who trained our staff. They were able to provide us with valuable tips and excellent onsite support during installation.


Architects and builders


We are working with a lot of different architects and builders across India. As this products are designed with the help of architects, BPL IQ helps to enhance the beauty and utility of your craftsmanship. Being a house hold name in India, you can trust the products as there are enough service centres and establishment to cater to any problems faced by you any time.


You can nearly automate anything with the help of BPL IQ Automation

Our Products


Controller is the main part of intelligent BPL IQ automation solution. It is the controller which integrates the devices, gateways, sensors ( zigbee, IR..etc) , GSM and IP network. Signals which came from the devices are processed in the controller and are sent to provide appropriate actions in the end devices depending on the pre programming done in the controller.
BPL-iQ-Touch Relay
Touch relay is an electrical device used switch the devices on and off in a home, basically it is act as a normal touch switch with an extra function of zigbee functionalities. We can control this device through the controller using either android or ios app. This devices acts router and it can be connected either to router or to controller.
BPL-iQ-Touch Dimmer
This is a device which is used to switch on/off lights and it can also control the intensity of lamps( incandescent ) using the IOS/ android based apps or using the touch panel of the simmer. It act as router device and it can be added to another router device or to a coordinator devices.
BPL-iQ-IR Blaster
This device which is used to control any gadget which is controlled by IR like TV, AC, AV devices with in a room or with in line of sight of the devices. There are both wired and unwired solutions for it. IR blaster can be controlled from the IOS/ android app. It is a zigbee router or as a coordinator device.
BPL-iQ-Three Button Keypad
It is a zigbee device which can be connected to turn on or off a single switch or a group of devices together. It is a low powered device and can be added to the controller directly and while we press the switch it will coordinate the predefined actions. It contain 3 switches which can be assigned to 3 different activities.
BPL-iQ-LPG Leak Sensor
It is a wireless device which is used to detect the amount of LPG gas in air. And when the device detects a gas leakage, it will compare it with the preset, gas level and will set an alarm as well as sends a message to the owner. It LPG gas valve controller is connected in the system, it will automatically turn of the gas valve preventing further leakage helping us prevent serious issues to life, property and many more. It is a zigbee router device and it can either be added to a router device or to a coordinator.
BPL-iQ-Flow Controller
This device is used to control the flow of the gas or any liquid, it is generally used to control the gas when there is a gas leak detection. It is used with a combination of other devices like gas leak detector, fire alarm..etc so when any other sensor goes off, it will work together with it. It is also used to control the water flow. so we can use the sprinkler system and can water the garden at preset interval using this device. It acts as a zigbee router device and it can be added to either a router or a coordinator device.
BPL-iQ-Hydro sensor
BPL-IQ hydro sensor is used to sense the water level in low lying areas. It contains a water sensitive sensor which detects very small amount of water and sends a trigger to the controller and later do the required activities. It can be placed in the low lying area, or can be placed the level it can detect and it will help us detect flooding in the locations. It acts as an end device and is connected to controller in the zigbee devices and there is no provision for other device to get connected to this devices. There is a provision to send alert to the controller when the device is running low on power.
BPL-iQ-Curtain Control Relay
BPL IQ curtain controller relay is a relay switch device used to control the oppenign and closing of the curtains and blinds. We can automatically close, open or keep the curtain open with the help of app ( android/ IOS) or using the capacitive touch switches with are also inbuilt with this relay. It acts a s zigbee router and can be joined either to a router or to a coordinator.
This is an alarm which works coordinated with other devices and will produce different sound depending on different activities happening in the house. We can configure the sounds for different activities like burglary, fire alarm, gas leak etc. It produces an acceptable noise of 85 db. When an incident happen it get information from the coordinator which gather it from other device and triggers the alarm. For a large home or living area we can use multiple alarm to cover the whole area. The alarm is a zigbee router and can be connected to other coordinators or routers.
BPL-IQ-Panic button
This is a battery powered zigbee device which can be used by elderly people or children when they have an emergency. When pressed it gives information to the main controller and then the BPL IQ controller will sent message to the android/ IOS tablet and it will sent sms to people in the informing list. It is handy for elderly people who need assistance immediately. This device which can be placed in a convenient location, either in the wall near to their arms height or near to the bed or can be worn as a wristwatch or as a wrist band. It is a battery powered device and is connected as an end device in the zigbee network and no more devices can be connected to it as it is an end device. There is a provision to sent notification to the controller and when end device is about to run out of battery.
BPL-iQ-Motion Sensor
It is a IR based sensor which detects the presence of a person or thing based on the movements based on an IR sensor. It is connected to other devices and can be controlled through the apps and devices. When the motion detector detects any movements it communicates with the main controller and later it triggers alarm or activates any other zigbee device or sets on a number of activities like switching on lights, alarm..etc which can help us improve the security, surveillance, comfort and convenience of our living.A motion sensor deployed in the porch can trigger on the light in the porch which can be an energy saving option.It is a zigbee end devices and can be connected to router or to a coordinator.
BPL-iQ-Intrusion Sensor
BPL IQ intrusion sensor is used to detect opening or closing of a door or window when in an armed mode. it is a low powered device and it consist of a magnetic strip and a reed relay. one is connected to the fixed portion of the window or the door and other part to the movable part of the same. when the 2 device are separated at least by 35mm, it will sent a breach signal to the controller and it will trigger the alarm and gives notifications to us. we will get notification in our tab as well as get an alarm. This device acts as a zigbee end device and can either be attached to a zigbee router or a coordinator.


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